Top 11 Ways To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone And Get Unstuck

Ways Step Out of Comfort Zone

8. Have a Chat With Fear

There is a lot of talk out there on being fearless, or nipping fear in the bud.  I don’t agree with that.  You are always going to be afraid of things.  Fear doesn’t just go away.  

Your fear is trying to protect you because you’ve been wounded in the past.  But usually, fear tries to protect you from things you don’t need protecting from.  Fear ends up protecting you from growing.  

In her book, Big Magicauthor Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a Manifesto to Fear.  I encourage you to look it up because it’s awesome.  

Basically, it’s a letter to fear that tells fear it’s allowed to accompany you on all the “family trips”, but it won’t have a say in her adventures and will never be allowed to drive.  

You can have a similar chat with fear when you get into a situation where you’re faced with staying inside your comfort zone or taking a step out and stretching yourself.  

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You can thank fear for having your back, but assure it hat you’ve got this on your own.  You’ll take it from here, thank you very much!

9. Take Baby Steps Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your brain is wired to seek out the familiar.  But you actually can rewire your brain.  

Taking a tiny step gets the brain rolling and tricks it into taking action.  You gain some momentum and take the next, right baby step.

Focus on one step at a time.

By taking small steps, you’ll get a confidence boost and learn to associate your efforts with a positive result.  You’ll gain the motivation you need to keep baby-stepping and before you know it, you’ll be where you dreamt of being!

10. Worst-Case and Best-Case Scenarios

What is the worst-case scenario that could happen?  How likely is it to actually happen?  If the worst-case happened, what is a possible solution?  What is the best-case scenario?  

Also ask yourself – will this result matter at a pivotal point in my life?  Will it matter in five years?  Will it matter 50 years from now?  How important is it really?

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11. Remember That Each Day is a New Day

You’re not always going to get it perfect.  Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone is going to be extra hard, and that’s ok.

The good news is that every day’s a new day and you can just keep learning and trying.

The unknown can be scary, but the unknown is where dreams come true and life happens. Your comfort zone is a place where dreams die and life stalls.  

So, you can choose to stay within and keep wishing and hoping for a better life or take a step into the unknown and choose the life YOU want.  

A life you can feel purpose and freedom and joy.  A life you can be excited to live!

Written by:  Kortney Rivard
Originally appeared on

Republished with permission.

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Top 11 Ways To Step Out of Your Comfort Zone And Get Unstuck

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