5 Ways To Set Boundaries With A Man

If you want a long-term relationship with a guy, it’s not a good idea to pull the bait and switch where you get him sexually connected first and then try to rope him into something else in the long term.

Women who manage to find quality men and keep them don’t use that strategy.

In fact, these women have always been successful with men throughout history.

What do they do differently?

These women understand that they can use something far more powerful to make a guy fall for them and lock him down into a commitment.

In fact, he’ll be the one wanting the commitment from YOU.

You don’t have to use any shiny prizes to lure him.

Instead, you use the power of promise with him.

It’s called The Cupid Effect.

If you want him to stop running away from you and commit to you forever, you’ve got to know how to use The Cupid Effect to make him love you in one easy step.


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Written by Carlos Cavallo

Originally appeared in attracttheone.com

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