25 Ways You Can Show Respect to Your Partner

6. Only make comparisons to others that promote your partner’s strengths.

 May 16, 2019

25 Ways You Can Show Respect to Your Partner

24. Tell your partner that you are proud of her or him.

25. Declare your respect not only to your partner but also in front of witnesses.


Be sure to tell your partner that you are overjoyed with the partnership you are co-creating, and so pleased to have a partner that is worthy of your respect.

Please don’t be limited to these ideas.

They are just a starter kit; you can come up with some splendid ideas of your own. If you follow these simple guidelines, you have a right to expect that evidence will start to show itself of a more enriched partnership.

Don’t take our word for it, look to your own experience and see what you discover. And be sure to enjoy the exciting process as much as you can.

Written by Linda and Charlie Bloom
Originally appeared on PsychologyToday

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25 Ways You Can Show Respect to Your Partner

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