7 Simple Ways You Can Motivate Kids To Get Things Done

Ways motivate kids getting things done

5. Plan out routines and structures

Planning out a routine and structure for your child’s day is an important part of developing motivation in your child. Having established family routines can eliminate any conflicts that your child may come across. For instance, getting the homework done. A routine where your child works on their homework between 6 pm and 9 pm. There won’t be any conflict when they see that it’s simply how it’s done in the family. This will keep your kids motivated to get things done on time.

6. Empathy and active listening

Sometimes pre-teens and teens go through a lot of physical and emotional changes. They may start displaying several mood changes like aggression, anger, making arguments, or simply staying quiet. In moments like these, it is important to empathize with your child in what they are going through. It’s best not to focus on these behaviors. Instead, try to view everything from your child’s perspective. Listening actively to your child can build trust in your relationship. This will motivate your child to perform better when they know that their parents trust them.

7. Celebrate your child’s accomplishments

Celebrating your child’s accomplishments will boost self-confidence and motivation which will ultimately help your child to get motivated to get things done. For instance, you can celebrate your child with some special food when they get an A or getting them ice cream when they get their homework done.

To conclude, it is important to work with your child to motivate them in order to do better emotionally and academically. Celebrating their accomplishments and listening to your child’s needs can go a long way. You will start to see positive results when your child starts trusting you. Encourage your child to develop their intrinsic motivation with positive reinforcements so they grow into confident and self-reliant individuals.

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Ways to motivate kids getting things done pin

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