Are you an HSP? 10 Ways To Know If You Are Highly Sensitive

Being different does not mean there’s anything wrong with you. It just means you’re different — and let me tell you — you aren’t alone in your sensitivity.

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There is a rising tide of sensitive people who are rising to the occasion that the world is calling for: Your sensitivity is needed, dear one. Your time has come to help lift the insensitive, heavy, and unconscious frequencies into the new paradigm.

It’s not a mistake that you’re sensitive, feel everything, feel everybody, just “know” things, can’t relate to others, find no interest in the mundane activities in the world, or feel a little lost.

Maybe you’re going through what feels like you are shedding a skin that was never yours — and you feel a little naked, standing out like that.

This is all part of the transition you’re going through as you embrace your finer energies and learn to play the field in a new way.

Your energies and frequencies were never meant to fit into this world. They were meant to uplift this world to match your higher sensitivities.

Blessedly you are not alone anymore.

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Reach out, speak up, connect and let your voice be heard amongst other like-hearted sensitive souls so we can support, acknowledge, celebrate, and encourage each other to shine your light onto this world together.

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Written By Pernilla Lillarose
Originally Appeared On Your Tango

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