4 Core Paths To Developing Confidence In Your Life

core paths to developing confidence

So, if you’re not feeling confident or satisfied with yourself, lacking warrior energy might be another big reason.

You can already tell when you’re living on cruise control, or even when you’re not moving at all. Your greater mind knows whether you’re making an effort to expand and when you’re contracted and stagnant.

The answers are directly reflected in your level of confidence.

Luckily, if you’re feeling low on that scale, it doesn’t take long at all to make a huge shift. You will feel a huge immediate boost once you start kicking your warrior energy into gear.

In simple ways, to build the confidence you can start pushing yourself further in exercise and organizational discipline, or patch up unaddressed issues in your relationships (and, alternatively, maybe even cut some off altogether).

The deeper work is to leave behind all the stories, attachments, and mindsets that are keeping you idle.

Too often we cling to familiar circumstances and beliefs because they provide a sense of familiar comfort and identity, even if they don’t serve our happiness, or maybe even work against it.

To move forward is to sever all the dead weight and cut the inner ties that tether us in place, and step forward to welcome the inevitable change and impermanence of all things with open arms.

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So… how long will it take until I’m confident?

Each of these points is a lifelong project and way of living, but that doesn’t mean the results and benefits won’t show up in your life quickly.

Confidence is the symptom of doing all of these things. You can build confidence more and more over time, but its charge can also be felt immediately, which also serves as fuel to keep you moving forward.

Each time you do something like score a victory over laziness, knock some projects off your list or practice telling the truth, it’s like finding a hidden Easter egg full of power and confidence.

Everyone is at a different stage, with different things to work on, so it can take a longer time to build confidence for some than others.

But know that nobody feels 100% confident 100% of the time. Everyone backslides, or has times where they feel low, or forget their worth for a second. But they understand what makes them feel their best, and they know how to get back on track.

No matter where you’re at – having never truly felt confident, or being the most confident of all time – the same rule applies to everyone: Keep going.

Confidence works like riding a bicycle. If you sit still or go too slow, you’ll start to wobble and fall over. But if you keep moving your feet, you’ll gain momentum and stay firmly upright.

Get back to these four practices, and keep turning the pedals.

Are you ready to build confidence and stay confident in any situation?

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Written by - Jordan Gray
Originally appeared on: Jordan Gray

Republished with permission.

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4 Core Paths To Developing Confidence In Your Life
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4 Core Paths To Developing Confidence In Your Life
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