4 Ways An Empath Experiences Life Differently

Ways Empath Experiences Life Differently

3. They can absorb negativity easily

Empaths tend to act like an emotional sponge. They take in all the emotions, both negative and positive, of whoever they are interacting with, which ends up greatly influencing their own thoughts, emotions and moods. This is one of the reasons why Highly sensitive people tend to avoid large crowds. “Empaths can become indiscriminate emotional sponges if they’re not careful, absorbing negativity or toxic shame that isn’t theirs to carry,” Shahida explains.

Even if you do not say anything to an empath, they will still pick up on subtle emotional cues and instantly know what you are feeling and going through. Unless they learn to deal with others’ emotions, an empath will keep getting adversely affected by negative emotions of others.From a spiritual perspective, empaths are natural healers and their birthright is healing. They come into this world to heal – to heal themselves and others – which can make them susceptible to toxic types looking to exploit their energy for their own agenda,” adds Shahida Arabi.

However, an empowered empath experiences this somewhat differently. Through grounding practices like meditation and mindfulness, they learn to manage negative energies coming from others. Moreover, different mind-body healing techniques like massage, Yoga and Reiki can help them to release the toxicity they absorb from others. She adds “Empowered empaths benefit enormously from establishing healthy boundaries from the onset; they know what they will and will not tolerate.

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4. They are complex and multifaceted

Although empaths may be compassionate natural healers, most tend to suffer from self-doubt, anxiety, depression and substance abuse to cope with their high levels of awareness, receptiveness and sensitivity. An empath experiences a wide range of emotions, whether of their own or from others. And this can make them feel highly exhausted and emotionally & physically drained. Shahida writes “Their emotions are part of an intricate web of their own perceptions, the perceptions, reactions and emotions of others around them, as well as their own emotions towards the way others feel.

The intensity of residual energies from others and their own emotions can lead to self-destructive behavior, if empaths don’t act cautiously and carefully. It is only by utilizing this intensity productively through healing, empaths can truly embrace their superpower.Art therapy, journaling, exercise, and counseling are all excellent examples of ways in which empaths can express themselves and lift their energy without feeling drained,” she suggests.

Empaths and highly sensitive people need to realize that only when they nourish and heal themselves they can help others heal as well. They have to focus on their own needs and allow others to take care of them too.

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Living as an empath

Empaths are different. They are unique. And they are a gift to the world, just like each and every one of us. An empath experiences life and love differently from others, but they feel the same emotions and pain that others feel.

When empaths embrace their abilities and realize the value of being their genuine selves, they can truly be empowered.
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