New Year’s Resolution: 10 Ways You Can Create A Better Life in 2021

Ways You Can Create Better Life 2021

Look at it this way:

  • Success demands growth
  • Growth demands learning
  • Learning demands failure
  • Failure demands action
  • Action demands effort
  • Effort demands optimism
  • Optimism demands focus
  • Focus demands realization
  • Realization demands self-awareness

So as long as we are afraid of failure, we will keep sitting on that couch doing ‘Netflix and Chill’ and staying inside that rotting comfort zone way longer than we should have in the first place. Becoming self-aware makes you the designer of your own life. And it isn’t that hard as long as you know what you want and you’re willing to do what’s necessary. 



Make mistakes. 


Then do it again. 


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Plan & prepare for a better 2021

When you look back at 2020, it probably wasn’t a year full of achievements. It was a year of survival. But with a new beginning just around the corner, you have a brand new opportunity to start fresh, reach your goals and thrive. Remember your new year’s resolution: optimism. So if you are hell bent on making 2021 a year full of accomplishments, balance and inner peace, then I have exactly what you need. To thrive in all aspects of your life in the new year, you need to start looking at things differently and prepare action plans that will lead to exceptional outcomes. 

Here are a few things you need to do as you prepare for success in 2021:

1. Understand where you stand in life

Take stock of where 2020 has left you. Where do you stand regarding the things that actually matter to you? Have you lost your job, your home, a loved one? Has your relationship ended? Has your health declined? Take a good hard look at your life and analyze your life right at this moment. How much satisfaction do you have in the following aspects of your life:

  • Career
  • Social Life
  • Finance
  • Relationship
  • Health
  • Attitude
  • Family
  • Personal development
  • Physical, mental & emotional health
  • Goals, dreams & passions
  • Fun & happiness
  • Philanthropy

So? What’s the score? How well are you doing in life in your opinion? Taking some time out and evaluating your own life can help you understand where you need to put maximum effort. You can consider various other facets about your life and include things that matter most to you. As you get a clearer idea of your reality as of today, you will be better able to create an effective action plan. Whatever you do, just make sure you are honest with yourself.

2. Reflect on 2020

Recall everything and anything you can about how 2020 was for you, despite how painful the process may be. A great way to do this is to keep a journal. Note down all that you can remember, all the opportunities and challenges, achievements and setbacks, failures…anything you can remember. Focus on the minute details and write down everything without getting too involved about the date or time. Visualizing can also help you to remember valuable information. It is also a great idea to write down how each experience made you feel as it can help conjure up further details. Write down everything. You can also refer to your old emails, texts, social media posts, notebooks, calendar and any articles you might have written.

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Now go through the notes and compare what you have written with what you remember. As we tend to forget things with time and subconsciously alter our memories, this process can help you realign your thoughts and your emotions. It will help you see how you’ve evolved and improved throughout the year. Moreover, this will enable you to think critically, be self aware and practice gratitude. 

new year resolution
New Year's Resolution: 10 Ways You Can Create A Better Life in 2021

3. Think about what you want in 2021

What can you figure out from reflecting on 2020? What can you do better next year? Do you want to make your health better in 2021? Or do you want to be emotionally fulfilled? Do you need to focus more on your relationships or is it your career that needs more attention? It’s not about having a new year’s resolution. It’s about setting a life mission for the new year.

Once you’ve reflected on the good (if any) and bad things from 2020, you will realize that some of those things were in your control. This will make you more self-aware and have an internal locus of control. The process will enable you to understand:

  • What mindset you have to develop
  • What new skills you have to learn
  • What habits you have to change
  • Who you have to connect or disconnect with
  • What attitude you have to develop
  • And many more
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