10 Ways You Can Create A Better Life in 2020

New Year's Resolution v. Life Mission: 10 Ways You Can Create A Better Life in 2020

Let’s face it, you can’t do 50 things in a day, even though it might be easy to put them on your calendar. Take things slow and make sure it’s doable. Set deadlines and focus on short term goals along with long term ones. You also need to prepare for delays, distractions and failure. Learn from your failure every time and adapt accordingly. Understand that things will take time and you will need to really commit yourself to making your life better in 2020.


10 Tips to Create A Better Life in 2020

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
– Carl Brad

Here are 10 really simple yet really helpful tips that will empower you to create a better life and accomplish your goals in the coming year, 2020:

1. Focus on opportunities, instead of challenges

As I said, it all starts with shifting your mindset. What you believe, you achieve. What you think, you attract. What you see, you pursue. So start looking at the possibilities around you instead of the problems. If there’s a problem in your life, and I am sure there is, look at the possibilities surrounding it. What can you gain from this challenge? What’s the silver lining? And there’s always a silver lining. Make sure you focus on the solution, the experience, the learning and growth more than the problem. Be aware that there are multiple opportunities for you to improve your life in any given situation.


2. Respect time and stop wasting it

“Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst.” – William Penn

If there’s something I have learned over the past few years, then it’s the value of time. Time once wasted, never comes back. So if you are passionate about achieving your 2020 life goals, then you need to start respecting your time more. You need to invest more time into what matters and stop wasting it on things that don’t. Evaluate how you spend your time on a monthly basis and schedule your day accordingly to make the best use of the available time. Moreover, you also need to manage your time intelligently so that you can balance it between your career, family, relationships, passion and yourself.


3. Stop making excuses

“Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent. They build bridges to nowhere and tunnels to nothingness… Those who excel in them seldom do in anything else, therefore, there are no excuses.” – Frank Ocean

You can call it genuine reasons or justifications, but that doesn’t change the fact that you were unable to put in the effort you promised yourself you will. Excuses only limit your potential and your abilities. On any given day, you will have a hundred reasons for not doing what you should. But it’s a choice. You can choose to take comfort in properly laid out reasons and justifications and remain exactly where you are in life. Or you can choose just one reason that works for you and go ahead and do it anyways despite all setbacks. Demand action from yourself. Look at the possibilities, find cracks in your excuses and reasons and exploit them to get things done and create your best life.


4. Step outside your comfort zone.

I know what the comfort zone feels like. I have been there for too long. But that’s not where you will find progress, self-development, happiness or satisfaction. The only things you will find your comfort zone are shame, guilt, resentment and frustration if you stay there long enough. Success lies outside your comfort zone. Get up and step out. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It will allow you to understand what is holding you back and empower you to expand your life.


5. Learn to love yourself

“Love yourself instead of abusing yourself.” – Karolina Kurkova

How do you treat yourself? Are you as kind and compassionate with yourself when you fail as you would be with a dear friend? Do you criticize yourself more than you should? Is the negative self talk getting louder and louder? Are there any emotional barriers? How you treat yourself in life can determine how far you go. If you are constantly beating yourself up, you can’t expect yourself to unlock the greatness you have inside. Tell yourself you can. Tell yourself you must. Tell yourself you will. Negativity is a cancer of the soul.

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