The Way You Break Down When Stressed According To Your Star Sign

At the same time, constant migraines will keep plaguing you.


10. Capricorn

Not a person who can find the silver lining easily, when you’re under stressed, the clouds seem to roll in thicker and darker than ever.

You’re usually cynical and slightly jaded but when you are crashing, you become downright cruel to yourself and to everyone else around you.

No matter what, you just assume that you’ll see the worst possible outcome so you are never satisfied with the outcome of your works while under constant pressure.


11. Aquarius

Even though you can’t always control the things that go wrong, stress blinds you to this valuable piece of wisdom.

You begin to think that you are responsible for the whole world falling apart. You become self-critical being harsh with oneself and implementing a punitive attitude towards self.

Whatever you do won’t be enough and you think that you’re incapable of being confident and optimistic.

This leaves you feeling frustrated and you let it out by raging at yourself.


12. Pisces

Crying becomes your major way of catharsis in these times. You feel everything so emotionally that too much stress tends to overwhelm you to the brim.

You’ll start looking for hidden corners where you can get enough privacy to let some steam out.

Be it in the washroom, at work or in the darkness of your bedroom, you’ll find the time to just sit down and sob, clearing up your pent up emotions.

While it helps you to let it out, it is also counterproductive as that’s all you’ll feel capable of doing.


Stress and anxiety are monsters that blind you to all the wonderful things happening around you. Especially for those who tend to be workaholics.

Ignoring your mental health is a strict no because the longer you keep these things tucked away inside you, the harder you’ll crash and burn when your mind and body give up on you.

Rather than letting it all come crashing down on you in one go, look for techniques to manage your stress. In the long run, you should also be looking for ways to be more efficient and energetic so that no situation gets out of control.

Are you crashing down too?

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The Way You Break Down When Stressed According To Your Star Sign

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