Wasted Life

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As I look in her greyed hair, I see every strand as another year. Which has gone by, filled with laughter, sadness, and tears, obstacles, which have led to here. At this point, there is no going back, I’m stuck in the path of what’s to come. I often wonder, is it what’s out to be, or have I missed the mark of where I could have been. I must spend more time contemplating, than executing, which has left me drained, of the many thoughts which have crossed my mind, on all the sleepless nights. I know better than to base my state of mind on another, but this god damn place has left me sad, for I cannot take another fall, or replace. Try to function without break down, in a place where nothing is the same, and to keep up with constant changes of faces, and breaking stages has left me drained of life. When I woke up the next morning, it was sadness all over again. I found myself the same place I tried to leave, with the brisk air hitting my lips, I felt a sudden burden befall on my chest. There I was, staring into the emptiness of all that I felt, tired simply tired. All that was left, was the heaviness in my chest, as if screams fighting to get out, I felt defeated to the core. I walked as I walked before, but now everything was a blur. I was surrounded by people, things, but none of them felt tangible, just an empty space, filled with motions going nowhere.  I’m sure they each had a story of their own, but none of that mattered anymore, as I walked running, on nothing left but the sadness I carried, for all that was lost, all of which I could not bring back anymore.

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