Warrior Training 3: Conscious Embodiment

Warrior Training Conscious Embodiment

In this way, writing becomes a means to reclaim power—Shakti—the spark of our soul, the divine feminine.

Done in the right way, writing can offer structure and stability to our day. Like yoga, it grounds, centers, heals, and awakens. My writing practice nourishes me. I must write first thing in the morning.

When I don’t write, and that’s extremely rare, I am punished for it. My day doesn’t go as planned, it loses structure, I’m scattered, off-center, I lack clarity and I feel time gets wasted.

I’ve therefore learned to make it a priority by starting off my day with it. Honoring it like one worships a deity; offering it my presence, love, and devotion.

Make your transformation your priority, make your creative self-expression your priority. I know this is hard for you. Putting other’s needs and other things before our own is the plague of the empathic person.

You want to overcome needless fear and worry?

Focus on this instead: the world needs your unique sensitive superpowers, so tend to yourself as if you were a plant in a desert. Nourish yourself with plentiful self-love, care, and tenderness. Show up in your vulnerability. Practice. Re-shape your troubles.

The key to transformative writing is to move our physical body regularly. It’s important to have a routine physical practice, like yoga, to stretch out and shift the stress, tension, or the deeply embedded wounds.

We need to create a space that allows our prana-shakti, the cosmic breath, to flow fully as this flow will affect the fluidity of our writing, the ease of the re-writing, and ultimately the transformation. Shallow breathing can be an obstacle to our writing. We cannot go deeper into expressing ourselves through our words without the depth and clarity of our breath, which comes from physical activity.

Each layer of our being affects the other. The mind will also gain clarity and focus if the body is allowed to shake off the clutter of energy that clings to it. Creating sound from our voice, singing or chanting has the same function.

I’ve come to learn that one of the most significant challenges that sensitive souls face is the implementation of structure.

We’re so in our (often disempowered) feminine nature that the masculine characteristic of containment and consistency gets lost on us. We need to yoke our yin energy with our yang to find the stability we crave. This is a healing process and the way I do it is through ‘conscious embodiment’ practices of which include writing and art in combination with a somatic quality, like yoga and qigong.

Distractions are our downfall. And without a balance in the form of a healthy structure for our excessive creative energy, we’re likely to be pulled off our path.

Are there ‘zeroes’ in your life? Those things and people who don’t add any value? What needs to be removed for you to align with your calling?

Being in alignment with our vision, walking our soul’s true path, our dharma is our deepest purpose for being on this earth.

Do you have that courage within you? To not only re-write and re-envision your life without the obstacles in your path, but to take the necessary action to meet that vision, that ambition, that calling?

Are you fully armored and protecting your precious creative and authentic self – that magical sensitive being that this world needs?

Do you remain true to yourself, and stand in your power and say No when your body screams No? Do you splay your arms wide, look up to the sky and shout Yes when your heart expands as you step towards your dream? Or do you hide behind the familiarity of fear and stagnant self-sabotaging habits that distract you from walking down the yellow brick road?

What will it take to fully claim your space and voice and that awesome spring in your step?

It’s time to step out from the shadows, stop fearing and resisting the dark feminine – the emotions of fear, self-doubt, guilt, shame, pain, and more!

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