Warrior Training 3: Conscious Embodiment

Warrior Training Conscious Embodiment

Do you want to be a real-life warrior, who is the epitome of courage, resilience, and true strength? Then warrior training is the perfect answer to that!


There is a curious power in being both
​a writer and a fighter.
I cast spells with my words.
And my fists.

Whom am I casting spells on, you may ask? A simple answer… Myself. Words are magic. They can both delude and dispel, cloud, or clarify.

I was caught in an incantation once; a manipulation through words, which kept me locked in a cycle of mental and emotional abuse for several years.

The foolish sociopath had no clue that I myself was a master of words. Of writing. That in serving up a plate of pain and suffering, that conscienceless monster inadvertently handed me the means to reclaim my power.

The means: Spellcasting.

Do you know how to dissolve a spell, which keeps you locked in destructive patterns of behavior?


Instructions to break the said spell:

  1. Stay loyal to the page.

2. Show up for yourself.

3. Write.

4. Practice presence.

5. Practice.

6. Keep writing.

I talk about these crucial steps in Warrior Training part 1: The Martial Arts Mindset and Warrior Training part 2: True Strength is Within.

Want to know more about how you can start your warrior training? Read Warrior Training 1: The Martial Arts Mindset

Want to know about the second stage of warrior training? Read Warrior Training 2: True Strength is Within

As you may have guessed, writing too is the warrior’s path.

The first step is to show up in all that you are, in all that you feel. The next is to stay there, in full presence, and then to identify the challenges and obstacles which keep you from accessing your power.

Wasn’t it Terry Pratchett who said, ‘Before you can kill the monster you have to say its name’?

I had to metaphorically confront my monster on the page – it had to materialize there for me to really see it and slay it. Through the creative process, I uncovered something unexpected. Several monsters showed up. I identified each of them as aspects of my emotional body – the painful and uncomfortable feelings.

As I kept writing, I discovered that by personifying and communicating with these emotions, they would let go of the hold they had on me. I gained deeper wisdom still – that to befriend the monsters that dwell within, rather than to slay them, is what it really means to get your power back, to feel badass, to become an ass-kicking Shero.

You truly conquer from within.

My coaching and mentoring are designed to help others see how to master and befriend their emotions; those grim, uncomfortable feelings that keep hostage the medicine that heals our wounds.

It is our resistance to them that stop us from thriving and opening to the freedom we long for.

Do you resist feeling the guilt that comes from saying ‘No’ to others? Do you resist feeling the fear of being seen and criticized for who you truly are and what you want? Are you resisting feeling your anger, doubt, shame, or grief?

These feelings long for connection. Give them your undivided presence, embrace them, nurture them with your unconditional love, and see how they transform into the very elixir that you seek.

Writing is yoga, a path of self-realization. It is definitely a warrior’s path, but you’re not the embodied warrior until you dissolve the spells others cast upon you and especially not until you remove those that you have cast upon your own self!

You can journal until the cows come home – write a stream of consciousness daily or just write about your struggles, but no change will take place until you have the courage to look and re-evaluate, re-write, re-shape and re-envision the cards that you have been dealt.

To re-write your story is the path of the fully embodied warrior.

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