Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship: 6 Red Flags To Never Ignore

warning signs of a toxic relationship

5. Possessiveness

One big indicator of a toxic relationship is when one partner controls the other.

One of my clients had a partner who had complete control of her actions. He dictated whether or not she could attend school, who her friends were, how she dressed when they would have sex, and what she ate for every meal.

He also told her that only he was allowed to end the relationship. She took it all for granted and assumed that’s just how relationships were. Yeah, no.

People in healthy relationships do not try to control the other person. People in healthy relationships give each other the freedom to live their lives and be their own person. People who control everything that their partner does are people who create toxicity and discord in a relationship.

Are you given the freedom to be who you want to be in your relationship? If not, your relationship might be toxic and it’s important that you recognize it.

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6. Mixed Messages

Another hard-to-spot indicator of a toxic relationship is mixed messages.

Mixed messages are messages that go one way and then another. Perhaps your person says that they are done with you and then reach back out to be with you again. Over and over. Or perhaps your person says they love you in that red dress but then make fun of you to their friends. Perhaps they tell you they love you and then treat you horribly.

Mixed messages are incredibly difficult and confusing. Many women hold on tight to the positive things said and let go of the negative, thereby justifying why they want to stay in the relationship.

But, in fact, someone who gives you mixed messages is someone who truly isn’t that into you, someone who, if you stay involved with, will only cause you sadness and pain.

In a healthy relationship, two people love each other without exception. Sure things can get topsy turvy sometimes, but still, mutual respect and admiration are present. No one makes the other feel bad with flip-flopping feelings and yo-yoing behaviors.

Is your relationship affected by mixed messages? If it is then you very definitely might be in a toxic relationship!

Knowing the warning signs of a toxic relationship is a very important part of a happy life.

Often, when we are in the midst of strife, it can be hard to see the truth. Others might tell us that they see warning signs but it might be hard for us to see them too.

Hopefully, now that I have spelled them out here – the contempt, the obsession, the unkind words, the physical pain, the possessiveness, and the mixed messages – you will be more clearly able to see whether your relationship is a healthy one or not!

If it’s not, get out NOW before it’s too late. You have one and only one life. Live it!

Do you want to know more about how to recognize toxic relationships? Let me help you, NOW, before it’s too late! Email me at mitzi@letyourdreamsbegin.com and let’s get started!

Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship – Red Flags that You Shouldn’t Ignore
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Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship: 6 Red Flags To Never Ignore
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