Want to Believe that People are good

Want to Believe that People are good

A great part of my being wants to believe that people are good. That they are still good despite everything they have done and continue to do to one another, and all the lives they have destroyed. This is perhaps extremely naive of me, and may be what eventually destroys me. Or perhaps this is the only thing that has kept me alive. -Nav K, “After Word” from By Bodies of Water

10 thoughts on “Want to Believe that People are good”

  1. The belief that I've a purpose to fulfill that will be revealed in the proper, yet unknown time; or perhaps never to be known. There is a greater plan for my life & I believe kindness is the foundation.

  2. I believe in the small part that doesn't believe in all this. That part that is only concerned about myself and is not concerned with any person or force in the universe.

    1. It is good to love yoursrlf, or to be not concerned of the world, but in a world where you are in constant touch with humans, you cannot but help, being affected at times. This is when the big part comes into force.

  3. What keeps me going on in life? To see the ones that I love happy for at least one more day. Each day is a gift when you awake with reminders that it can be taken away in a blink of an eye.

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