If They Want To Leave, Let Them

If They Want To Leave, Let Them

If they want to leave, let them. If they push you away, go. You weren’t put on this earth to convince anyone of your worth. You’re here to learn, create, flourish, live, spread love and nourish. The ones deserving of you will always make you feel appreciated.

15 thoughts on “If They Want To Leave, Let Them”

  1. Thank you Margaret Clements! I love and honor you my dearest! Thank you for encouraging me to write! Thank you for encouraging me to keep living… Um, thank you.

  2. What about what they need?

    And who ALWAYS does any, thing?
    We all have “bad” days, hours, years, months. Where things are tough, and possibly… confusing.

    Why would I not give another that which I seek? Love, commitment, and understanding?

    It’s not all peaches and cream, doesnt mean you just throw the towel in.

    I just don’t understand how the value of my own self worth, would benefit from devaluing another human being.

    1. I don’t know how you got any of what you said from what was posted. It simply said, if someone pushes you away and wants you to leave, then go. You would violate the boundaries and wishes of another to stay.

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