So much pain, so much sorrow. So many tears, so little trust. With all that people had to endure it’s no wonder they had to build walls around their hearts. If honesty is a must then I too have to admit to being an architect of my own walls.

I fell deeply in love with a guy a while ago. I had to end ‘it’ – ‘it’ being a possibility of going somewhere – due to the fact that his method of self protection didn’t really gel well with mine. In the end, his self protection caused that I had to protect myself.
My question came up then and there. How will good people get to each other with all these walls? It’s quite frustrating in reality. People with ill intentions hurting others in such a manner that the person feels obligated to build a wall. The problem is… how on earth is a good person supposed to get past his/her own walls to get over the other good person’s walls in order to finally be able to fall in love? It is insane!
I think I’m protecting myself, you think you are protecting yourself, while in reality we are creating what walls were created to function as: a creator of distance.
If we do not destroy these walls, we are most likely going to die alone. I don’t know about you but I’m most comfortable while feeling alone with someone else.
Here’s to destroying the walls.

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