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Walking wounded

Walking wounded

Every single person has experienced a loss, a heartbreak, a season of night. We are all walking wounded. 

The advice of, “just let it go” and my personal pet peeve “stop giving it power”.  Sure there are ways to let go and keep going. We go to work when we are sick. We worry about things over which we have no control. We are by that definition the walking wounded.

The shattered soul is different than that. It is a splintering of the core. Parts of you cease to feel or you just can’t acknowledge that part of yourself. The strings that connect you to Heaven or purpose are cut. Yet, we are told by society that is required to get over whatever shattered you. Whenever you end up in the exact same position, a situation it is a line to your higher self. It is time to stop.

It is called from your greatest good.  Therapists, mentors, best friends are all great help and usually have good intentions. But they will never invalidate universal truth.  You’ll need time. It could be five minutes, five years, five days. That is part of the problem. No matter how long it takes someone to move on or push through. The judgment we have over ourselves jades us. When, as, an individual we decide we are moving to slow on walking on this or that path we set our expectations. Everything needs time, after a forest fire it takes time, sometimes many seasons sometimes parts spring back faster. But it’s time we need to afford, ourselves. To let our souls come back from the numbness. To learn how to reconnect once we are healing. Our shadows are still us. Our ego is still us. A master of something is a repeat novice. Someone who continued working toward healing. Childhood trauma affects every single aspect of life. But trauma comes in different forms for each soul. 

Truth is a beacon that will not be ignored. Yet, each of us in our ongoing recovery can be a lighthouse for someone else. A big sister/brother, a friend/companion, a lover/partner. 

This is a call to healing yourself.  Forgive yourself for unrealistic intentions. Every single act of self-care is important. It leads to those important moments when you know this is where you’re supposed to be. The feelings will come back to the numb parts, you feel renewed.

It’s not that it is not always there it’s we can’t see them all the time because of emotional fatigue. Finding it while walking with a shattered soul will not give any healing. Give yourself time. Give yourself the same love you offer others. Offer yourself more credit than others because you’re seeking vigorously while wounded.