Walking Away From Your Twin Flame: How To Make It Easier On Yourself

Sometimes theses dualities are extreme. In many cases, they’re also compounded by karma, and lessons tend to get harder with each subsequent round, and each lifetime. For many of the twin flames, they’re battling huge gaps and separation in their personalities and what they want and need to make the relationship work (dualities), and this is compounded by the fact that the universe gave a super-hard lesson because this happens to be the sixth or seventh lifetime you guys are working on this stuff.

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Add in all the energetic chaos we’ve had with the shift and the stop-start energy of stuff, and it’s no surprise that a number of twin flame relationships are buckling under the strain.

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How Do You Make It Easier On Yourself?

I had two strong clues that my relationship was a twin flame relationship: first, any session done on the two of us the session wouldn’t take us as one being, it treated us as a couple.

Secondly, from the day we met, we threw each other out of sync energetically. If he was up with business, I was down. If I was sick and got better, he got sick immediately after. And there were a million other similar examples that I’m sure you recognize from your own experience.

That led me to the following realization: if I kept throwing us out of sync by working on one of us energetically at a time, then maybe the way to fix us was to work on both of us at the same time.

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That led to a series of BodyTalk sessions done on the couple where we balanced major energies (workflow, money, success, commitment, focus, vitality, luck) across the relationship and pair. We started seeing improvement after that.

That’s led to a morning ritual where I connect to my twin flame energetically and balance the energies between us every single morning. Additionally, any forgiveness and release work I do, I do include him. So when I ask for peace and forgiveness, I ask that it is chosen for him too.

I have experimented with holding anger or trying to block him out, but how do you block out your own soul? That just causes pain and seriously messes with your focus. If I’m really battling with it, what helps is to reinforce any cords, bonds, and connections to him and then flow forgiveness energy through that non-stop.

At the end of the day, this is just one lifetime in the midst of many, many lifetimes you will share. You can’t hate yourself and you can’t withhold forgiveness from yourself forever.

It will hurt like a bitch, but the tips above will make it easier to manage, quicker to recover from, and will help get you through the worst of the pain so that you can find a space in which to express your love again. You do deserve that little bit of happiness – and so does the other you, your twin flame.

If you want to know more about walking away from your twin flame, then check out this video below:

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Walking Away From Your Twin Flame

Walking Away From Your Twin Flame: How To Make It Easier On Yourself

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