A Walk Down The Memory Lane

walk down the memory lane


A Walk Down The Memory Lane

I once walked alone,

And found myself unlocking,

The gates of memory lane.

Memories which I had buried long ago,

And believed to have forgotten.

But as I move along the path,

Every detail came to life.

I vividly watched every moment,

When you made me smile the sweetest.

The laughter seemed to echo,

And audibly bounced adieu.

Every untold story I remembered,

And thought of the valued lessons,

In every mistake made.

As I went on with a heavy heart,

There flashed the saddest scene.

My worst not because I was lonely,

But because of unwanted solitude.

A deafening silence, the quietest cry.

Suddenly, I broke my reverie,

And hurried back to the gate,

And instantly closed it,

Decided to lock it again.

I wiped my tears and smile,

And walked away with a calm heart.

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