Waking Up From Religion

Waking Up From Religion

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

If you have left your religion, or you are thinking of leaving, don’t confuse leaving the religion with leaving God. Just as the saying goes, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” Don’t throw God out with the religion.  God has been tainted by all sorts of disempowering beliefs – from crazy rules to unreasonable nonsense and everything in between. You can leave all that behind and you can find God on your own terms, in a way that feels particularly right for you.

Losing Community

Sometimes we stay in a religion well past its expiration date because if we leave, it probably also means that we must leave our community. Tolerating rules and dogma that no longer fit for us might seem like a small price to pay in exchange for the love and support of the community, but that price is much higher than it appears.

If you are

  • compromising your freedom,
  • hiding your true feelings,
  • or constricting your expression in order to be accepted in a community,

sooner or later, you will likely experience deep spiritual wounds that arise from betraying your own true spirit.

Yes, there might be a period of time where you don’t have the support of the community, but I promise, your most ideal community is out there waiting for you. A massive wave of people, all over the world, are waking up, and leaving situations and environments that no longer fit. Just like you, they are looking for that place where they belong. It is time to come together to form empowering paradigms of community where we can all thrive, and be who we came here to be. 

Never confuse religion with spirituality, as both things are extremely different from each other. If you want to experience spiritual empowerment, waking up from religion is the first thing that you need to do. Everything else will fall into place automatically.

If you want to know more about how waking up from your religion might be a good thing, then check this video out:

Written by Nanice Ellis

About Nanice:
As a Conscious Creation Coach since 1997, Nanice teaches mastery level manifestation. Using quantum principals, human dynamics, consciousness techniques, and real-life experiences, her powerful coaching style is often referred to as the “Nanice Effect.” Bridging the gap from imagination to realization, Nanice coaches people to live their true dreams. Nanice is the author of several inspirational books including, “Is There a White Elephant in Your Way? – a comprehensive guidebook to awakening and self-empowerment” and “Seducing the Field – the masters’ guide for manifestation.” To find out more, please visit www.Nanice.com

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Waking Up From Religion
waking up from religion

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