Do You Often Wake Up At Certain Hours At Night? This Is What It Really Means

Do You Often Wake Up At Certain Hours At Night

01:00-03:00 – The Liver

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From 01:00-03:00 at night, your liver undergoes a detoxification process where it cleans itself by removing all sorts of waste materials from tissues and blood vessels. So, if you wake up every night at this specific hour, then it might mean that your liver has accumulated too much toxins and is finding it hard to deal with all of it. If you want to keep your liver healthy, then you need to hydrate yourself properly by drinking lots of water throughout the day, and cutting back on caffeine and alcohol to a large extent.

A few more reasons might be that you are harboring a lot of anger, disappointment, frustration and guilt within yourself, which is interrupting your sleep every night. The only way to change this scenario is by resolving all the negativity you feel inside your heart, and work towards cultivating more positivity and happiness.

03:00-05:00 – The Lungs

Do You Often Wake Up At Certain Hours At Night? This Is What It Really Means

Interestingly, your lungs are the very first organ that fills itself up with Qi energy, by collecting oxygen and then distributing it to the other systems of your body, so that you are better prepared for the day to come. So, if your sleep gets interrupted every night during this specific hour, and is accompanied by nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, and sometimes even, wheezing, it may point towards a poor, unhealthy diet and mucus build-up in your lungs.

Not many people know this, but your lungs are also strongly connected with the emotions of grief, unhappiness, and sadness. Waking up at this time, every night, means you need to deal with all these tough emotions you are trying to run away from, and let them go for good. The best ways of dealing with painful emotions like this is by practicing deep breathing exercises, and by facing your feelings honestly, and openly.

You need to feel free, and work towards your spiritual awakening, in order to live a more full and happy life.

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05:00-07:00 – The Large intestine

Do You Often Wake Up At Certain Hours At Night? This Is What It Really Means

During this time, the flow of Qi energy is concentrated in the large intestine, which is responsible for cleaning out all the waste from your body. In case of a Qi imbalance, you will experience premature aging, sudden weight gain, and constipation. In order to take good care of your large intestine, you need to drink lots of water, exercise, follow a healthy diet, stretch your body and urinate after waking up every day.

This specific time period is also associated with emotional blockages, confusion, impatience, defensiveness, and the feeling that you are stuck in a rut. You need to let go of all these negative emotions and burden, to take better care of yourself, and make sure that you get proper sleep every night. Just like your large intestine detoxes your body, you need to detox your mind and heart to be really and truly happy.


Sleep is of utmost importance in every person’s life, and without proper sleep, your body and mind are bound to break down after a point. You should always make sure that you never compromise with your sleep, otherwise, you will always be plagued with a ton of health issues, be it physical, mental, or emotional. Take good care of your body and mind, and work on leading a healthy lifestyle.

With time, you will see how your sleeping patterns gradually fall in place and you start feeling amazing and happier again!

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