‘Waiting’ Tiny Tales

'Waiting' Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Waiting

Here are our favorite submissions

By Dale Gonzalez

So I sat there waiting for that special day. Waiting every hour not knowing what to say. Waiting around for what I do not know but through the day’s experiences everyday I seem to grow. Waiting through the morning and waiting through the night with each experience in between making my life just right. All this waiting I seem to do seems to be worth it in my life as long as I’m waiting alongside of you.

By Jaimie Mazzone 

I keep waiting for the courage to set my voice free.
To only realize that I was waiting for nothing!
I let myself become the one waiting in an empty waiting room,
all I needed to do is call my own name out to say
“I will see you now, are you ready?

By Rinku Shah 

My tryst with Waiting began way back then…
As I child waiting for my turn,
Reach early and waiting for the bus,
Waiting to be able to drive,
The right to vote,
My first paycheque.
Waiting for my knight in shining armour,
Our bundle of joy, waiting for nine months,
Through ups and downs, waiting for the storms to pass.
For loved ones…
For change…
For awakening…
For realisation
…. and I’m still Waiting!
Now i know Waiting is like a bicycle on the wheels of Faith and Patience and oh boy!
I’m blessed with all three in abundance… coz I’m not giving up, I’m STILL WAITING!

By Liz Roman 

I’ve waited so long
Ever since I was a teen to be an adult so I can do anything and everything. Now that I’m here. I tell myself instead of all that time spent waiting to grow older. I now wait for peace..of mind. I wait for my burdens to grow light. I wait for the other 50 % to help around the house and all it feels like is a 100 pounds. I waited to grow up not knowing how high the cost was.

By Shambha Shivaa 

I was there,
Under the scorching sun,
For you to fulfill the promises you made..
My expectations weren’t much
Just to see your smiling face..
Minutes ticked by so the hours..
Till my eyes started to ache..
I called and texted without responses..
Untill i felt a moron myself..
Tears finally gave up to unyeilding pain..
As i sat there mortified, waiting in vain..

By Michael Hodder 

While I Wait

While the truth walks slowly, I wait
Watching life pass, go on with grace
Incompetence rewards the fake
Integrity a forlornly trace

While dreams are born, for mine, I wait
Patience a virtue most displace
Confused of by the greed they bait
Takers receive a givers waste

While lust is calling, love I wait
The kind that isn’t in a race
She’ll walk through as I hold the gate
While I wait I pray just in case.

By Penny Melgoza 

“Not yet!” I’m slapped when
I reach for the cusp of my
Deepest desire.
“It’s so hard” I cry
“Waiting is the easy part”
But I can’t believe
“What you want is best
When picked at the perfect time.”
I soothe my red hands.

By Debra Pry 

We are all waiting.
Waiting for the right time.
Waiting for the right moment.
Waiting for the right job.
Waiting for the right person.
Stop waiting and start living.
The time is now.

By Swati Chauhan

Waiting never ends. The reason may change but we always await.

By Esther Dawn Ramírez 

We always commit the same mistake. They leave, they tear us apart, and after all the sorrow… We wait. We hope that the person will change, when we know that this is mostly unlikely to happen. We stay in the front porch of our houses, or in our rooms, crying to sleep and we want to scratch our hearts off our chest to get rid of the feeling of deception and heartbreak. But we keep waiting.
We always make the same mistake.
They do it again, they come, they go, they destroy us… There is even a point in where we get so used to it, we become immune to getting hurt, but the real pain is not what these people do to us… The pain starts when you don’t know if to let go. You start doubting your own sanity for this person, asking yourself if you’re overreacting. And we wait for answers. There, we do it again.

And in the end, after all the wait… We will still wait, but instead of waiting for that person, we will wait for the answers that we ask ourselves so much: ‘What did I do wrong?’


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