Wai Lana’s Colors- A Sweet and Non-Threatening Solution to Racism

Wai Lana’s Colors- A Sweet and Non-Threatening Solution to Racism

Racism is a very real and ongoing problem in our society and causes so much suffering. Not only do those who are being hated suffer, but also those, who out of ignorance, hold on to hatred towards others based on the color of their skin. In her new music video, Colors, Wai Lana shares some common sense wisdom that can help alleviate some of the suffering caused by racism. And notably, she does so in such a sweet and non-threatening way.

In Colors, Wai Lana gives an easy to understand analogy that the color of our skin is just like the color of our clothes. The ancient wisdom of yoga teaches that a person is not their material body, rather they are a spiritual being only temporarily residing in a material body. Based on this understanding, you can reason that the color of your skin is no more “you” than the color of your shirt. And since we don’t discriminate against people who wear different color clothes than us (or a color we don’t like), why should we care about the color of someone’s skin?

Released in honor of the 4th annual International Day of Yoga, Colors tackles a big issue, in a gentle, yet thought provoking way.

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