Why Vulnerability Is So Important For Healthy Relationships: 3 Reasons

why vulnerability is so important for healthy relationships

Your relationship can then become a powerful container where you can work together to heal past hurts, honor each other’s needs and wants, and work through conflict with respect, humility, and lovingness. Partners who are willing to be vulnerable with each other are often motivated to heal and be happy, rather than be “right.” They see each other as equals and as teammates, not just lovers.

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If a relationship is like a garden, then a couple’s shared vulnerability is like fertilizer or manure. That is to say: even if being vulnerable feels a little uncomfortable or “icky” at times, it can truly help a relationship grow and thrive.

Of course, deciding to be more vulnerable isn’t about oversharing, disrespecting privacy, or always “putting it all out there” with your partner. It’s also not about being weak or a pushover. Vulnerability IS about telling the truth—not only to your loved ones but to yourself, too.

Written By April Eldemire
Originally Appeared On Couples Thrive
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