Vulnerability invites love

Vulnerability invites love

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.

– Crissi Jami

When I was vulnerable, had many hearts praying for me. And now when I cherish myself, they all hate me.

Am I not doing  it right?

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3 thoughts on “Vulnerability invites love”

  1. They HATE you? That's a strong word. If you cherish yourself, that is a purpose-driven, loving, life-giving person. If you are pompous, thoughtless, callous, and love yourself in a self-absorbed, self-centered way—-yes, it will repel people. Ha. I doubt you are. In my personal experince—I have been told the opposite. That when I am vulnerable, it is not attractive. It makes them shy away. That when I am confident and have it all together I am stronger, therefore more appealing, and "love-able". It truly depends on the type of relationship, temperamental match, security of the other, and sincerity of the one being loved. Sometimes people misjudge what appears "self-important" (either due to a superiority complex of their own, jealousy, or just not knowing the person's true inner self , efforts or hidden pain).

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