Voices In My Head

Voices In My Head

Voices in your head -normal
Listening to them -common
Arguing with them -acceptable
Losing the argument – BIG PROBLEM

36 thoughts on “Voices In My Head”

  1. LIVE life one day at a time. Don't overthink,it is good to verbalize,vent it out and know the fact.. mind's clarity over undertakings will give you peace and harmony besides if you are a good hearted person most likel you will receive positive results.

    1. …the ''three'' I mention are a metaphore for the EGO,THE ID,AND THE SUPER EGO…IN CLINICAL TERMS WHICH SIMPLIFY the personality for easier understanding as in ''mathmatics''…

    2. …intuition is a voice…do you understand what it is trying to say…what helps me is to reffer to a dictionary and define each word for a more ''solid'' view…try this…search and discover… Classic Sam …

  2. A judgement crosses the mind… The heart listens… It doesn't agree you should judge… It argues back…. If the judgment wins without reality being fact… The heart goes and tells you're soul… You don't know this is happening though…. When the soul finds out you have betrayed your heart…. Just to judge someone… Then you're in trouble…. It will leave you to be vein and find its purpose elsewhere.

    1. A tree falling in the middle of nowhere. The tree is needed. It always has been. Maybe it only falls to grow elsewhere. Luckily I and others have found your tree… You give us the chance to breathe.

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