Voices in my head, Mr. Green and Mr. Red.

Voices in my head, Mr. Green and Mr. Red.
Rinku Shah

Voices in my head,
Mr. Green and Mr. Red.
Often meet and chat,
Sometimes this or that.
It’s exhausting and confusing too,
Always telling me what to do.

Mohamed Khalifa

Hey me,
it’s you again.

Sherry Greene

Do you ever listen
to yourself talking?

Elijah Johnson

In day to day life
we’re all on a mission
But, there’s a time to
talk and a time to listen.

Anna Marie Brown

Trying to reason
with myself

Karthik Parthasarathy

For every decision we take
Debating the pros and cons
detailing it out in the mind
Best way to success
Confident and laid back
about the positives
Inquisitive about the negatives
That’s the way to go
To make life our show…

Jaimie Mazzone

The best conversations
are the ones that require no speaking.
Where you find the answers
to your questions
and questions to the answers.
In the silence of the mind,
we can find the perfect balance
between the self and the soul.
Let your soul talk
and make your self listen.

Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

The constant discourse in my head:
“GO!” says Green,
and “STOP!” says Red.
Who are these argumentative voices
Throwing LOGIC at my choices?
I think I’ll skip all this cognition—
I will go with INTUITION.

Eleanor Ramos

A tale of two minds.
The protagonist and the hero.
The question is which is more
connected to the heart?
Anything else is ego.
Let the darkness go.

Ramya Raghuraman

Let not the pessimist
consume your senses
Let the optimist in you
be strong and come to a consensus
Policy should always be give and take
It’s your life thats in stake!

Anindya J Ganguly

There are always two chambers
In the chromatic states of mind.
One remains tensed weaving worry
The other remains relaxed all the time.

Sunny Marie

When I am quiet,
I’m discussing important things with myself.
Sometimes my heart climbs up
to debate with my mind.

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