Viewing Things With A Limited Vision


Sulekha Pande

Viewing things
with a limited vision,
the door’s open,
but we choose to live
in a prison.


Ananya Sharma

Virtual reality,
imprisons the mind
in it’s own perspective,
keeping it away
from the real world.


Frankie Crabtree

Looking at the World
through Facebook
Only seeing and believing
what is shared
The truth is right
around the corner.
can’t you see it??


Kori Martin

Social media is an addiction.
If you live your life
feeding that addiction
you’ll only see the world
through a periscope
and never see
the wonders around you.


Rinku Shah

Social media…
the periscope in my life.
Each time I’M drowned
in my internal battles and strife.
Gave me a clear vision
from a distance,
Preparing me for coexistence.
The door I left open…
To step out when I was ready
to let life happen!


Sarrvesh Waran

The world is so big you know.
Although you can’t go to
where you want to go,
you can see through the technology
in your hands.
Have a look with Facebook.
Take a peek, and maybe, just maybe,
you might just find what you seek.


Anindya J Ganguly

Using a mole’s mirror
I peep through a hollow hole
To find the world is a mirage of lies
Full of troughs, filled with trolls.

I ventured to discover
With the hope to stumble upon
A bowl full of candies
But what I found instead
Was a brakish basket
Filled with charred coals.


Sathkigunaseelan Sathkigunaseelan

The mind just crawls behind the false.
The hands are grabbed. The eyes are focused.
The human becomes now a humanoid
and the slave for Facebook becomes ready.
The senses of the body is shattered from the reality
Virtuality rules, and creates the great fools.


Zibu Anakhe Tshengele

Everything gets perfectly-locked on timeline.
The reality gets squeezed a little
through the entrance of the tiny door.
We lock it again so it looks so perfect.

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