‘Victim’ Tiny Tales

'Victim' Tiny Tales

The road ahead of me lies diverged…
Out of only two option, I know how much they both may hurt.
I’m mourning in advance, in the hope that I may survive —
but let me not fool myself into thinking that I could come out of this alive?

It is my addiction, my stability, my destruction, my muse.

“As lucid as hell and these images
Moving so fast like a fever
So close to the bone
I don’t feel too well”

It is true, that if you choose to take that path,
I will sure come to pay.

However, there is the slightest flicker of hope,
You may stay and continue to uphold
The serenity you have worked so hard to instil
That I did not mean to destroy
But rather add to, in my own, special, unconventional way.

Perhaps you could see
the meaning of me
Perhaps you will know
I only ever mean to grow?

Perhaps our souls will forever remain entwined,
Perhaps I will never have to forget your warm body next to mine,
Perhaps we will usher in the certainty of forever,
Perhaps our writhing lust will never have to be severed.

But there are choices,
trivially, tremendous choices,
choices that chill me to the bone —
choices that cannot simply be left alone.

Please find me again, my dear –
and say those words of absolution that I am so desperate to hear!

By Indira Pant Singh 

To be victim of those demons. Ones that enslaved the very core. Where reactions got magnified by the outcome of actions. Outward a tormentors paradise. Inward a whirlwind of torture.

Thompson Tomorrow’s Promise I fight the thoughts of despair. i cried ,cringe and have become numb.
As the shadow of incest approach…fear hugged me like the blanket i never wore battered, bruised and distraught i swore.
To stare courage in the face to fight …
To take back my life to right the wrong that held me tight
This time my armour was light confidence held my hands….i strike , hard and fast! Adrenoline run through my veins. The monster gasp,wide’eyed it staggered and slumped.
I breathe….no more a victim!

I spat and walked free confidence and me


By Swati Chauhan 

“Victim or Warrior”

Destiny cheats everybody,
It depends whether or not we are ready .

To bear the hardships,
To march with warships.

To be your own saviour,
Or to beg for fate’s favour.

To discover your hidden strengths,
Or to wait incessantly for revenge.

It’s your prerogative,
You can change the narrative.

Respond rather than react ,
Don’t blame rather accept .

Playing Victim is an easier choice,
But being Warrior is a matter of pride.

The scars will be your trophy ,
You’ll grow rather than atrophy.


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