Vibrations and How to Grow a Vibration

Vibrations and How to Grow a Vibration

Vibrations are our tools of operation in the world of energies.

All energy conglomerates are to be regarded with and handled by vibrational laws. A good intention is a seed vibration, and a positive thought is a positive vibration. A word, an information, has its own vibrational imprint just like an emotion, a feeling, an attitude with all of these operational energy entities with their different forms that we live and function by, communicate, create, work, experience, they all, to facilitate our energy work and understanding can be treated as vibrations. 

Our subtle bodies host conglomerates of vibrational-energy-entities from the lower to the higher scale vibrational imprints. They make up our very own state of energy while their content brings everything into our lives like a magnet, by the law of resonance. 

For a harmonious, positive living, we need harmonious positive vibrations that extend to our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Therefore it is desirable for us to seed, build, and strengthen our positive, higher light content vibrations. By extracting the positive or negative value from this equation we could think of desirable vibrational contents as beautiful, harmonious vibrations instead of positive or negative ones. Because beauty, in the beginning, was meant to be the signal for all that is good.

Good intuition, heart-harmonised will, positive thinking, positive expectations, positive trend in verbal expressions, and positive actions are enforcing positive vibrations. 

Now, this is where actions come in, an unquestionably significant element of the subject. We might have heard that the great fathers of Christian religion taught that good actions are the strongest and greatest proof of faith and that “doing” is above all what God wishes to see on our part. What would the reason be behind that? 

Before I unveil the answer, I wish to mention that we are the utmost beneficiaries of everything God asks us to do.  

The secret here is that with supporting action a vibration becomes stronger in you. “Doing” is the most powerful tool to “solidify” a certain vibration within you. The statement stands for any kind of vibration. That is why repeating actions become habits. Habits are solidified vibrations after all. Actions are also the best killers for unwanted and undesired vibrations. 


Here is an exercise:

pick a thought or attitude you do not desire within your inner space, then find the opposing action and do it. You will experience a significant shift in attitude and perspective while cultivating the opposing actions in yourself over time. 

From the author’s Kindle Book: The Path to Meaning: How to Align Yourself with the Universe, Make Use of Its Hidden Laws and Fill Your Life with Meaning

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