Value those who put you first!

Value those who put you first!

Value of the ones who put you first…the ones who always pick up your call even when they are in a meeting, the ones who always text you back, the ones who don’t keep you wondering, the ones who make plans with you, the ones who remember that thing you were looking for and get it just because they saw it, the ones who make steps towards you, the ones who know if your smile is happy or a diversion, the ones who make excuses for you, the ones who listen even when they don’t understand or approve, the ones who leave everything to be there for you, the ones who tell you the truth even when it hurts, the ones who are not afraid to take the punches when you’re upset, the ones who cover you up and get your back, the ones who listen to your nonsense even when they’re tired, the ones you can tell everything and anything, the ones you run to for comfort and reassurance, the ones who never judge you and will never let you go…the ones who put you first!! Because you are worth it and they can. 

‘& the ones who share good music with you J

– Lia –

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