Use the Socratic Method To Win Any Argument

Socratic Method Win Argument

So, both the parties will be able to communicate the message clearly and effectively and both the parties would be happy and satisfied that they are being heard and that their point is being given the importance and attention that it deserves. This will also help the parties indulge in a healthy discussion which will surely have a legit and proper conclusion.

The beauty of this approach is that it will not only help you win arguments, but it can also save you from embarrassment when you are stuck in a discussion where you know nothing of the subject.

In such a situation your focus should be to try and seek out all sorts of information from the other person by asking questions. And then you can lay your trap of creating a situation of self-dilemma by pointing out a contradiction.

This method is also beneficial when you are indulging in a large group discussion. In that situation, it will serve three purposes:

One, that your question will draw immediate attention from all the members in the discussion.

Two, that it will force others to dig deep on the focal point from where you can create some counter arguments.

Three, that it will keep the discussion going as questions provide the stimulus for further thinking and discussion.

Let’s take an example: If I say that keeping pets at home is good. In response, you can say “Are human homes natural habitat of animals?” rather than “But the forest is animals a natural place to live”. I would then say, “You think humans lived in brick houses 2000 years back? What is an adaptation?” and so on.

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Thus, the Socratic Method is useful in winning any argument. It surely should be perused more. Perhaps, the world problems would solve, only if we would have been Socratic enough.

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Use the Socratic Method To Win Any Argument
Use the Socratic Method To Win Any Argument
Socratic Method Win Argument pin
Use the Socratic Method To Win Any Argument
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