Uranus in Taurus: March 2019 – July 2025



Cancer: New Horizons

There were 9 years of intense changes in your professional life. Thankfully that’s over. Now, Uranus moves towards a much more auspicious position, helping you broaden your social horizons. Anything related to friends, social circles and technology is favored. Your brain works overtime and your communication skills are divine! Last by not least, your personal magnetism is empowered!

Leo: Career Paths

This is a new era for your life as the Planet of Changes affects a very important part of your life – your career. For the next 8 years, your professional life will not feel stable at all. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as opportunities await for you as long as you are ready to see them! So, please make sure you are not overreacting about changes happening in your career. Instead, face them with courage and self-confidence because ‘sky is the limit’ for you.

Virgo: A New Era in Life

There were some pretty peculiar years, those last 9, right? Well, you’ve undergone a ‘transformation’ face my dear. Many things changed. Now things seem so much different since this began in 2010. Now you are more confident and Uranus in this place will help you achieve success in unconventional ways. Anything related to the internet, education and/or long-distance traveling is favored!

Libra: Rebirth from your ashes

You’ve been so much, especially regarding your relationships, both personal and professional. You’ve also faced some serious legal matters, but you’ve made it through. Now it’s time to get yourself together and burn the pain and sorrow of the past. Dig deep and find these parasitic emotions. For the next 8 years, you will have the chance to forge a better and stronger self. Follow your guts. Energy doesn’t lie.

Scorpio: You are not alone!

The past nine years were truly unpredictable regarding your daily schedule. Ever changing environments, changing places, means of transportation or even jobs! Well now, this is over. For now on, the focus turns towards your relationships and the troubles that may lurk in this part of your life. However, some things need to change how you interact with others. However, don’t jump to conclusions. Be sure before you act!

Sagittarius: Nothing stays the same! 

A new era in your life has just begun! The thing is that no one can predict how each day will go with Uranus influencing your sixth solar house. Therefore, you may find yourself changing in a very intense way. Moving from house to house, from job to job or changing entirely your lifestyle are some of the things that probably happen. However, this is not something that you necessarily receive as a bad or challenging situation.