7 Unusual, Early Signs A Man Is Into You

Early Signs A Man Is Into You

4. He initiates calls and texts you.

First, he is the one that initiates. This one will probably top your list of “Oh man, I wish…” am I right? Most women have come to experience the awesome power of deafening silence when they text a guy.

That right there is the problem. A guy can sense in a heartbeat when a woman is testing him.

We’ve gotten used to this vibe from a woman. It all started way back when we were buying drinks in bars for women and we got shit-tested at pretty much every chance in the conversation. You might not have noticed you were doing this, but we felt it in every cell of our bodies.

The test is when you’re giving a man a hard time and then testing his masculinity by exhibiting bratty girl behavior to see how a man reacts to you. This is part of the natural dance of attraction that’s completely normal in flirty encounters.

Guys do know when you’re up to your old tricks. I know you’re yelling at your screen right now saying, “Carlos, I’d never treat a man like that.” You did and that’s OK because it was expected back then.

Now that we’re all a little bit older, the testing needs to stop. It’s more about open communication and avoiding the games. So when you text a man in a way that seems to want a response a little bit too much, we’re going to feel pressured by that. Then we feel a little bit anxious because we probably like you but now we’re a little bit confused.

Why is there all this expectation all of a sudden?

Are you being needy? Oh no!

That’s how the panic goes. And this is how guys think, ladies.

So when you get a text from a man unexpectedly, your eyes light up and you feel that deliciously fun little feeling in your tummy that tells you a man is into you. And… you should because that’s definitely a sign a man is into you.

Let me give you a key point that is one of the most important things that you can learn about romancing a guy.

The way to get a man to text you more is to text him just a little less than he might want. The more a guy wonders where he stands with you, the better off you are.

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5. He adjusts his life and habits to see you.

Guys are just as guilty as gals. We’ll be a little too set in our ways.

When a guy meets a woman who is worthwhile to him, he’ll be willing to make some changes. He’ll adjust his life to pull you closer to him and adjust his schedule to accommodate you. He will change some of his routines just to make you happy.

Guys will make the space for you if they feel you’re worth having.

6. He talks about what you have in common.

One of the more indirect signs a man is into you is he will talk about things that you have in common.

Many women miss this sign a man is into you because they are listening for him to describe specific things about her that he likes and pointing out certain traits. However, some guys don’t do this right away. Instead, he might talk a little bit more indirectly about how you fit into our lives.

Ultimately, men are thinking about how the relationship would work if things were to progress and we were to marry you.

If you’re hoping for a man to tell you how much he loves your hair, beauty, wardrobe, or whatever, he might already be telling you he really digs you with all the stuff he’s seeing that you have in common. 

Ultimately, the things you have in common are what’s going to make you a successful couple.

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