A Short Story Of Unrequited Love

A Short Story Of Unrequited Love

“I am in love!”, she exclaimed.
She was blushing pink, as she narrated her love story…

Just the “pink” He had always wanted to see her in…

He had dreamt her in that blush and shying eyes, and hoped to see her like that with his open eyes…

Now here She was, with the perfect blush, rosy cheeks, as the blood in her flushed..

But alas! It was not for Him.
For another name, which did fall on His ears, not so deaf, but only numb….

He gathered the courage and posed to Her a smile, perhaps just for her “Pink” rosy lips with a curvy line…

“Unrequited Love, and so it was. It pained so much, but also possesses an undefined beauty to it..”. He thought to himself, as years later He recalled.

– – – Lifeline Creations By Tanu©


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