Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love – they are famous words. Widely searched over the internet.  People seeking light to why there was love that could never be returned or paid back.

Whether it is because of a lover, a friend, secret crush or someone so special like family member, there has always been a search for love. Our world revolves around the acceptance of these important people in our lives. More often, we are so willing to give them so much. We try to exceed was is being asked and what is only being expected. We please these people. There is nothing wrong with it. We must be proud that we have huge hearts that are willing, compassionate and loving. We are often willing to take hard risks or do stupid things. Imagine the magic of love?

More often than not,  we are not really genuine to give the love, the effort and all the things we think we can do for these important human beings. Yes, we are willing to do anything. But have you ever done anything without thinking that they should love you back? Have you ever done something so crazy for someone and thinks it’s okay if they don’t appreciate it? I doubt it if you would say, you are willing to love someone though they don’t love you back. At the back of your mind, you still have .001% hope that somehow they would notice you. Deep down, you are still making an effort believing in miracles, that they would soon wake up madly in love with you. (What a concept.)

We all face unrequited love. This is not an isolated case.  This is not only for those who fall in love with someone secretly. This is each one’s story of loving and caring too much.

For once, let us not blame the people who made us feel this way. Let us not blame ourselves for the foolishness, though we know our true intentions behind every action. Unrequited love is just a result of expectations. Our own expectations from someone. Actually, being disappointed with someone is not about caring too much. Unreciprocated love, unrequited love, they are the results of expecting too much from someone. If you love someone, you expect them to love you. But what if that is too much to ask and all that they can offer is friendship? Imagine, you cooked for someone and they really don’t eat that dish? What is our right to be mad or disappointed at things we don’t have control over?

It was nobody’s fault. Not yours, believe me. If we love, just love. If we give, just give.

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