Unknown Facts About Each Zodiac Sign

Unknown Facts About Each Zodiac Sign

Unknown Facts About Each Zodiac

Aries: It’s about the chase than the catch in love, but they do have someone they really love.

Taurus: Sure they like food & expensive shopping, but they’re actually quite down-to-earth, reliable, and kind.

Gemini: They probably do have two gossipy faces, but almost always the realer/more common face is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Cancer: Although most of them are sensitive in the way that they are easily offended, most of them are not criers and they’re often outgoing and rude.

Leo: Huge ego & caring what people think of them aside, when you really get to know them, they probably are some of the most empathetic and sympathetic people.

Virgo: Hurt a lot of people with negative and OCD comments, and not even really healthy half the time lol.

Libra: Their sign is the scales of making decisions, but they probably can’t ever decide because they’re too nice.

Scorpio: It doesn’t matter that they’re the dark sign of death and sex, they’re all looking for true love and cry all the time and are the best people to talk to.

Sagittarius: Not even that positive tbh because people always dump their shit and problems and gossip on their Sagittarius therapists; they’ve seen it all.

Capricorn: Not all of them care about their grades and social status, maybe they just want to go out for ice cream and laugh for once.

Aquarius: Not as carefree as they seem they have a lot of friends, but aren’t social & their unique struggles are a barrier.

Pisces: A sweet facade outside, but they often self-harm, have dark inner thoughts, and simply want to be nice- but everyone has a tipping point.

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