Unexpected Inspiration happened at unexpected places…

 July 03, 2018

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Unexpected Inspiration happened at unexpected places...

His one more line which is at another level of Inspiration- ” If you want to accomplish/achieve anything in life, you got to smartly work hard for it. & you need to BELIEVE that you can do it! ” trust me, you will actually see yourself in no time overcoming your fears and hurdles…

Seriously, I have overcome many fears and hurdles in life. He was not there with me physically but his thoughts and inspiration kept me moving in. Today, I am working as HRIS Analyst. I am fortunate enough to work for the Organization which gives me the flexibility to enjoy my work, I really do. And after work, do those things which I enjoy doing it. I do get many opportunities to write about topics which interest me and other topics. Recently, I remember, when my family said that I cannot write and I don’t have a flavour for writing and they still don’t believe it and there was this person who inspired and believed that I can write and need a bit of improvement. He also said that one should enjoy writing and that’s what I really do. We should take a risk in life and try things unless and until we do it we will not be able to learn and know whether we are good at or not. Writing helps me in every way and I love experimenting with my style and bring my experience out in the world. Some people really inspire you to do something good for yourself and society.

Want to quote a line of Psychologists Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliot- “The heights of human motivation spring from the beauty and goodness that precede us and awaken us to better possibilities.”

As individual need food to survive, besides that I need a good Business Magazine or any good Book for my brain to work on. It’s a brain food for me.  I came across an article in Forbes India Magazine about an Internet Entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Hike Messenger- Kavin Bharti Mittal. He is the son of Sunil Mittal, the founder and chairman of Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom company with a user base of over 350 million.

This article forced me to stop by at that page. I had read so many business magazines and come across with so many articles of entrepreneurs and other industrialists. But No one has ever inspired or touched me like this man did. Read everything about him.

I was totally lost in his journey of entrepreneurship. His inspiration connected me to be in a state of being more excited, productive and be purposeful. He is like a driving force for me at every step. It made me changed the way I was working in life. My thought process was slowly and steadily getting cleared.   In his article, he mentioned Zen philosophy which I heard of but never practised or read about. I made notes of all the important points which I can borrow from him. His habits which I adopted in my daily life is meditation, exercise. I don’t go to the gym but yes, I do yoga and I love cycling. One should have healthy mind and body, realized this through meditation practices. That helped me to live life present moment. There is no life in past and future, life is right now. We should not worry about those things which are out of control zone. I also realized that life is like a see-saw game, we will see some ups and downs. As they say- after every dark night there is bright sunny morning which gives hope to do something better.

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