Unexpected Inspiration happened at unexpected places…

 July 03, 2018

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Unexpected Inspiration happened at unexpected places...

I was struck by this Unexpected Inspiration from two different personalities from different walks of life. But both have one common thing is that they turned their ideas into reality. People who followed a passion and Zen Philosophy in life.

I never thought that I will be inspired by someone’s traits and habits, business acumen and entrepreneur skills. This is unexpected for me. I was inspired by their smallest act as well as grandest act. I observed them very carefully and borrowed their smallest act. Both are unique in themselves. One is a dearest friend of mine, who came into my life when I least expected of someone this good to me and we have an unexpected friendship journey. And other unexpectedly from nowhere inspired me to live Zen Life which changed the way I look everything. We can’t really control the things that inspire us. What we can control is how much we want to do with that inspiration.

On an October Sunny afternoon 2014, I received this call where I had inquired about some course in 2013. The call was unexpected because I did not expect them to call me back as I had said no to them previously for the course. It was also unexpected because I had a 1-hour call with someone I don’t know properly and have not seen and sharing my thoughts and plans. I did not know why? I have not mentioned his name till now. I will share it, patience, please…

I was so impressed with his great listening skills and inspired as well. As I believe that without listening ability, messages are easily misunderstood. They are the building blocks of success. Whenever we get time to meet, he listens to me so carefully, this is the reason he understands me and my passion for writing so well. Yes, he is someone who inspired me to write or I would say he let that fire in me for writing alive. I remember when I shared my thoughts on writing to him. He said- ” You might not get the results that you expect in the beginning, but don’t get disheartened or demotivated. it has happened with all and you need to continue with your passion. LET THAT FLAME BE BURNING…”

This line of his inspired me like anything till today and will always be to work and follow my passion. I wonder he got his inspiration. He followed his passion and reached such a great height. And this flame for writing was burning inside me. I started with Journal writing, I used to write reflective writing about my work and life… This Inspiration helped me to believe in my own abilities, high self-esteem. A more of the awakening moment for me to follow what I always wanted to. I always believe that we are on this earth with some purpose to fulfil and I experienced that purpose in life and gratitude. I love being around people, help them. I did mentor to students when in the UK.  I came to know that I love contributing to people what I have learned till now.

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