Unearth Your Power Through Self-Knowledge And Right Action

Unearth Your Power Through Self-Knowledge And Right Action


Ever since I began to consciously step into my power—into Shakti, my warrior feminine essence—I experienced uncanny synchronicities. Signs appeared that determined I was walking on the right path.
How did I arrive in this place of ‘flow’ and ‘certainty’?
By doing a lot of deep inner excavation. By facing my demons and dragons. Through consistently tending to the painful silences and overflow of emotions. Through bravely facing the unknown.
I returned from the darkness of being in an emotionally abusive relationship and came out stronger than I’ve ever been. How?
The answer is simple. Self-exploration.  Self-connection. Self-love and Self-care.

These were my weapons and I came through as victor with the knowledge that to win the war, or the many battles that show up in life, you conquer from within.
As blazing fire reduces all wood to ashes, similarly, the fire of Self-knowledge, reduces all karma to ashes. – The Bhagavad Gita
Are you experiencing a sense of powerlessness in an area of your life?
Does life happen to you rather than you create it with your will?
Do you react to emotional triggers and give your power away?
Are you starved of healthy, supportive and fulfilling relationships?These are all signs of a disconnection from your personal power. This power is innate and it is of the feminine and you have access to it at any time!
The divine feminine has many names and I call her ShaktiShe is a form of Durga, the warrior goddess, the creator of the universe and she is our life force energy.

What greater symbol for our overflow of strength and power within than the full moon that’s just passed? For the moon, which influences our mind and emotional body is her prime domain!

The moon is always immersed in darkness, it has strength and courage to remain there, seemingly alone. If you’re experiencing this isolation, do not fear, because you’re in a place to collect deep wisdom and gains for yourself.

The brightness of the full moon against the blackness of the night is a spectacle that rivals even the sun.

Instead of a rivalry however, we need a balance and integration of light (solar) and dark (lunar) forces within. This is the aim of yoga practice – to dissolve the opposites and harmonize the two forces.

Do you see how your darkness, your unconscious material, is an endless source for your awakening and transformation?

I show my coaching clients that their darkest emotions are their greatest strengths. But we must get still and face the shadows with a warrior spirit to be able to meet and transform them for a more productive use.

We must cultivate the fighting spirit of the goddess to face our inner and outer obstacles, uniting body with breath to first gather our energy!
I provide creative healing through a range of embodiment practices and these are mainly from my three areas of expertise, yoga, writing and martial arts training!
Join me for my next free offering, ‘Enter the Dragon’s Cave: An 11 Day Writing Challenge to Awaken the Shero Within!’ This is an epic quest to defeat your metaphorical monsters and dragons to unearth your buried treasure, your vital power, Shakti. Journey into the dark cave of your unconscious as I guide you to face your enemies and obstacles and gain priceless knowledge of Self along the way.
Break free from limiting patterns, unhealthy relationships, protect your borders, tend to self-care, to self-love. Become! Heal! This is the way.
In self-knowledge, there is power, therefore take the right action steps to dissolve your fears and pains, clear the path and make way for your rising fighting feminine spirit.
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