D.I.Y. Guide to a Sociopath’s Brain and Psyche

D.I.Y. Guide to a Sociopath’s Brain and Psyche

Sociopaths Fake Next to Everything

Sociopaths avoid work. Pass STD’s. Demand a partner to stop practicing a religious faith. Ruin others with lies. Lie in court. Lie to immigration. Block wives, girlfriends from their social media.

Abandon their children. Scam and lie to their children. Obtain fake passports. Use fake ID’s. Never have a real address.

Use two or more Facebook accounts with different identities. Control and abuse children just as they do adults. Claim fame that doesn’t exist.

Use someone else’s social security number. Fake their educations. Cheat through school. Leave others holding the bag for their debts.

What Sociopaths Don’t Want Us to Know About Them

Sociopaths don’t like us to know their vulnerabilities and darker secret behaviors and their genderless sexuality and are promiscuous nature. In reality, anyone will do as a sexual “partner” since there is no love or emotional connection.

There is a concerted effort to hide their alcohol use, porn, prostitutes, and gambling or drug use. It’s important for pathological predators to hide their deep fear of discovery. Their huge fear of losing their prey, though they know every false connection will eventually end from the moment say “hello”.

Violence, Secrets, and Things We Can’t Imagine

They usually keep violent behavior under wraps, bar fights, stealing, criminal records. Sociopaths separate groups of people and their “second” family, along with their second or third or fourth alias, alternate versions of their names, or completely different identities.

These pathological users can act in ways we’d never imagine. Making use of others is their “normal”. This can be hard to see even when we feel they’re lying, not completely honest, and we feel suspicious of them.

Things we might be missing are that they act out in impulsive violence. and have uncontrollable rage. They defraud governments and agencies. Embezzle funds or property. Blackmail. Commit forgery. Sell drugs. Pimp. And, really and truly couldn’t care less.

Sociopaths try to cover up that they know what they’re doing. These creatures know that by being what they are, others are hurt.

Sociopaths, Even if you Call them Narcissists, Narcopaths or Narcs, Need Others to Believe Them

Here’s the best part: they need us. And they know they do. Their success is dependent upon us not knowing any of this. And they don’t have a chance of using others or surviving unless we believe them and believe they’re at least within some range of normal. Maybe normal but troubled.

Recognize them for what they are. Put aside our emotional investment and connection. Shut down the sociopath’s ability to use and abuse. Exit stage left or get them gone. Go no contact, trust our gut! We are our own angels! We are Super Heroes!

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Jennifer Smith, founder of True Love Scam Recovery is an author, public speaker, and international private recovery coach and holds support groups in Los Angeles for those coming out of narcissistic abuse and fraud relationships. Guest contributor to Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare. Hear Jennifer interviewed on Mental Health News Radio. Find Jennifer on Instagram @truelovescamrecovery, @truelovescamrecovery_health, and @jennifer_smith_tlsr On Facebook and Pinterest. Reach Jennifer at, jennifer@truelovescam.com – Jennifer Smith is a pen name.

Written By Jennifer Smith
Originally Appeared On True Love Scam
Sociopathy 101: Understanding the Mind & Psyche Of A Sociopath
Sociopathy 101: Understanding the Mind & Psyche Of A Sociopath
D.I.Y. Guide to a Sociopath’s Brain and Psyche_Pin
D.I.Y. Guide to a Sociopath’s Brain and Psyche
D.I.Y. Guide to a Sociopath’s Brain and Psyche Pin
D.I.Y. Guide to a Sociopath’s Brain and Psyche

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