Understanding & Loving An Empath

Understanding & Loving an Empath

Empaths can often seem to be cold, aloof and caged in.

This is mainly because they have been disappointed several times by the treatment of the harsh world. They assume that withdrawing within oneself is the only tool of self-protection.

The true spirit of an empath wants to give and receive love in abundance, though they would only be able to let the love flow smoothly when they feel secure and safe.

The most tragic part of being an empath is they might end up displaying their true emotions in the wrong places.

The gullible nature of an empath is to be blamed. They project the positive aspects of their personality like simplicity, honesty, empathy onto the people they connect with, not understanding the fact that not everyone is like them.

Empaths feel the pain and sorrow of the whole world and feel that they want to heal and fix the world up and make things better for all concerned.

This definitely is the most magical and substantial power of the empath which the world desperately needs but is extremely draining for the empaths themselves.

Not everyone sees the world the way an empath views it and because of this, an empath’s heart will be perpetually broken by the injustice, inequalities, cruelties, and sycophancy of the world.
There will be numerous people waiting to receive the good wills of the empath and just throw them away after they are done. It is, undoubtedly a deeply painful learning process for an empath to the ability to love unconditionally, to self-preservation and to personal boundary creation.

An empath will fail to comprehend why others turn a blind eye to suffering and torment when the only thing the world needs is consideration and healing.

It is not a surprise for the empaths that they are often ridiculed for their tremendous desire to uplift humanity.

When an empath feels hurt, all an empath needs is to believe that there is someone who is there to understand them, hear them out, be non-judgmental to them and accept them as they are.

If they receive these from their partner they will have a strong sense of bond with him/her.

Empaths will repeatedly fall into the trap of people who wants to take advantage of their naive and caring nature. Again, this is another sharp lesson that can cause an empath to develop a defense mechanism for themselves by building barriers around them and withdrawing into their own shell.

Once they have depleted their energy reserves to such a low level by giving and not understanding how to protect themselves in the process, they lose their faith in humanity and develop low self-esteem. Often times they feel unwanted, unheard and misunderstood in the process of giving.

An empath naturally doesn’t take anything from anyone. They only know how to give. To ensure a relationship of balance and harmony, ensure the empath is shown love in the form of actions so that the circle of love flows freely.
Words mean nothing to an empath unless they are converted to actions. Their intuition will quickly pick up on something done with poor intent, or if a person’s words are inauthentic.

To love someone who is an empath means to recognize that they thrive when the flames are turned up, not down. An empath gives off a powerful and energetic fuel of love, light, and radiance, though the fire only fully rages when an empath exists in a sacred place within which they feel secure enough to glow.

On the inside, an empath is immensely soft, delicate, and vulnerable.

Although, after being perpetually burned, on the outside, they may appear incredibly strong. When an empath is concerned, they find it very difficult to forget deep wounds. They find it very difficult to feign love once the foundation of the relationship is rocked.
To fully connect to an empath, it is necessary to create a strong foundation of trust, loyalty, and mutual dependability.  If cracks appear through mistrust and deceit, it can become exceedingly difficult to repair the wound. Show them that you are giving your entire efforts to the relationship to flourish.

Empaths are extremely passionate and dedicated to the causes that capture their mind. Their connection to a hobby or interest is so deep that it penetrates everything. Due to their abundantly creative mind, they may find a resonance with music, dance, writing, art, activism, reading, Yoga, meditation, humanitarian causes, or other similar interests. Whatever it is that has captured the mind of an empath will be become sacred in their hearts.

Empaths will immerse themselves in their hobbies and lose themselves completely. Sometimes the partner might feel left out as they get engrossed in their interests. But this is not intentional.

Although they will have a deep attachment to their passions, it is far easier to understand that an empath loves all things at great levels of intensity. They need additional interests other than in people. This can sometimes be difficult for others to understand.

Giving them plenty of space to explore, submerge in their chosen activity, freedom to fly higher, search deeper is the most considerate way to pamper an empath. Asking an empath to confine and choose may not give the desired outcome that would be hoped for. The heart quickly gets connected to passionate interests, and once that connection has been made, their heart will break if that connection is to be severed.

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