The Underlying Emotional Reason Women Need A Man To Give Her Gifts

 November 28, 2017

The Underlying Emotional Reason Women Need A Man To Give Her Gifts

I depended heavily on my husband to do yard work and home repairs. I felt helpless when the toilet and kitchen disposal went on the blink and the tall weeds and shrubs ravaged the pasture fence.

I unjammed the disposal with a broom handle. I fixed the toilet flush valve with a thingamajig. I purchased a Stihl professional trimmer and brush cutter and I discovered the macho power of a handheld Bushwacker.

I relied on my husband to transport my horse in his 4-horse trailer. I bought a used pickup truck and a 2-horse trailer. I learned to hitch my trailer to my truck, load my horse and I drove myself to trail rides near and far.

I became an equal in the dating game.

I began to share in the expense of dating. I frequently went Dutch treat and sometimes, when I felt spunky and benevolent, I picked up the entire tab. I paid my own airfare to enjoy a vacation with a male friend. I demonstrated to myself (and to a man) that I was a self-assured, generous and independent.

Suddenly men found me intriguing and desirable.

I took responsibility my happiness and welfare. I overcame my low self-esteem issues and my lack of confidence with men. I got over my fear of abandonment and hypersensitivity to rejection. I learned to value myself as a woman who was worthy of a man who would love and respect me. I stopped needing a man to prove his love to me by showering me gifts.

And when I am genuinely attracted to a man, I find it easy to graciously and genuinely accept his compliments, attention and gifts without feeling obligated.

Written By Nancy Nichols

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