Unconditionally Broken

Unconditionally Broken
The room is eerily quiet as she lays there
Her heart beating slowly
The clock on the wall ticks as each second passes
Her heart no longer works like it used too
It’s been hurt and damaged beyond repair
She no longer speaks, no longer makes a sound
Her voice muffled years ago
Her heart and soul always had so much to say
But no one heard the words she spoke
And now she remains silent
Her body has been used and abused
Many people have broken the beautiful woman
That once was but now is nothing but an ugly duckling
Never good enough for this world
And never good enough for herself
Her spirit broken and destroyed 
Yet somehow it is the only thing that keeps on fighting 
Fighting to stay alive in this selfish and hurtful world
An empathetic soul who only wants to be loved
Unconditionally loved, heard and held

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