How Unconditional Love Can Transform Your Relationship

unconditional love

Life is hard and we all need to face challenges to grow and move forward. When you prevent them from experiencing what life has in store for them, then you are robbing them of all the experiences they are meant to have.

Defending them against certain feelings and experiences simply because you don’t want to see them suffer will not help them in anyway. Telling your loved one the truth, guiding and helping them to face difficulties and communicating with kindness and without any judgment to help them grow is true love.

Unconditional love means loving and accepting the other person as they are without feeling the need to mold them into your perception of what they should be.

When you understand this subtle difference, you will realize how truly unique they are and build a loving relationship. It is only when you love them they way they are, they will be able to accept and love you the way you are. This is the foundation of a lasting romantic relationship.

Understanding unconditional love is one thing, but actually developing the feeling is a completely different story. Although unconditional love can be a bit hard to achieve, but you can surely feel it with a little practice.

6 Simple Ways To Love Unconditionally

It can be difficult to love an individual unconditionally, especially when that feeling is not reciprocal. Here are a few helpful ways to practice unconditional love and develop a mutually happy relationship.

1. Love yourself unconditionally first


First things first, love yourself. The importance of self-love simply cannot be overemphasized as this the secret to unconditional love. Loving someone else can be easier than loving yourself. Unless you know how to love yourself without any condition, you will never be able to love others unconditionally. Why? If your feelings and happiness are dependent on how much your partner loves you or how much attention you get from them, then it will always be conditional. So, start by giving yourself the love you wish to receive and give others.

2. Think of love as a behavior, not an emotion

Imagine this, your partner takes you out on a romantic date or takes you on a vacation to Hawaii. You will surely feel loved and love them more in return. However, if they cancel the plan at the last moment without any notice, will it affect the way you feel about them? Can it change your behavior towards them? If yes, then you know your love is conditional.

However, if you act in a specific way with your partner regardless of how they behave or what they do for you, then your emotions & behavior will be in your control and will not affect your relationship. When your love is not dependent on the actions of the other person, you will be able to love unconditionally.

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3. Choose to love unconditionally

When it comes to love, there is no one philosophy or belief that will apply to all of us. As we are all unique individuals, we all have unique relationships with exceptional experiences and challenges. When you consciously choose & decide to love your someone unconditionally, there is a mental shift in your mindset. This allows you to gain a whole new perspective and face relationship challenges in a different way. You will learn something new about yourself and your partner every single day.

unconditional love

4. Accept that love can be painful

True love can hurt sometimes. In fact, the harder you love, the harder you may experience pain.

Hence, you should be able to accept the fact that loving someone will not always be all sunshine and rainbows. There will also be dark clouds, lightning, thunder and rain.

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