16 Uncomfortable Signs Your Life Is About To Get Better

Uncomfortable Signs Life About Get Better

#10 Doubt means don’t.

If you are indecisive about something more than you should be, then you need to realize that in itself is a decision. You know that the answer is a hard NO if you need to think too much about making a decision. If something is meant to happen, it will happen naturally. You don’t need to rack your brains to make a simple decision.

#11 Allowing yourself to be angry.

We are often the most honest when we are angry. Although we might say the meanest of things, but these are things that have been bottled inside of us for too long, things we believe, things we feel, things we feel passionate about, things we want to change in our lives.

By allowing yourself to feel anger, you will enable your deepest thoughts and emotions to come out in a more constructive way. Anger becomes destructive only when we suppress it for a long period of time.

16 Uncomfortable Signs Your Life Is About To Get Better

#12 It’s okay to feel ashamed.

When feel we have done something we are not supposed to, something that goes out of character, we often feel shame. Feeling ashamed can help us get on the proper track and right our wrongs. As long as you don’t engage in self-punishment too much, shame can help us become a better person and create the life we actually want.

#13 Doubting ourselves.

There are days we all feel unsure about ourselves and who we truly are. This feeling can intensify when we face challenges and hardships as we tend to doubt ourselves and our abilities more. Although it may seem like you are lacking confidence and your self-esteem is taking a hit, in reality, you are simply becoming a more mature person.

It is only by facing challenges, we undergo necessary self-improvement and grow as an individual. The person you were till now is changing before your eyes and evolving into someone who is complete and better able to deal with life. This can be a very uncomfortable feeling for all of us, but a necessary one.

#14 Enjoy the process, don’t rush to the finish line.

If you have to love someone, love them for who they are. Don’t love them because you want to be in a relationship with them. Then you will experience true unconditional love. There are many things in life that you can do just for the sake of enjoying them, for enjoying the process and not for reaching the destination. Gain mastery over the process. Then you will reach the destination sooner than you think.

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#15 Realizing only you are responsible for your happiness.

We often tend to rely on our family and our life partners for our happiness. Most of us have this innate belief that they are responsible to make us happy and to take care of us just like we are taking care of them and making them happy. But the truth is we are all responsible for our own happiness. In a relationship, we come together to share our happiness, not to make each other happy. That’s not how a relationship works.

Only you and you alone are responsible for your life and how you feel about it. This can be very emotionally daunting as it puts the pressure directly on us. But this can also be extremely liberating as we realize we have complete control over how we feel without the need for relying on someone else to make us feel better.

#16 Breathe and live.

Breath is life. We feel, experience, and live through our breaths. It is only when you take easy and deep breaths you will be able to know what you truly feel inside without being distracted. There is a reason why meditation has become a worldwide phenomenon today. It allows you to connect with your true self.

When we breathe fully and deeply, we can experience our deepest thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. This allows us to clear the basement and face whatever life throws at us as a stronger and more mature person.

Step out of your comfort zone

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The best things in life are often lined up for you right outside your comfort zone. So take a step outside and face the feelings you usually avoid. Decide that you want to feel uncomfortable. Choose to feel discomfort and take certain risks. Facing your emotions and dealing with uncomfortable feelings will make you a better person and make your life a lot better. Some risks are worth taking.

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  1. That was very deep and a interesting way to discover urself that most of the world has never done. I’ve been an odd person for more years than I care to remember some of the sections are right on point I’ve had time alone like u speak of and it does do ur self a great deal if good and it does feel much better I haven’t felt all of the things you’ve spoken of it’s really tough to face I and ur inner being we all know most of what we do there is a better way to do I can’t explain but I sorta get the ??? Of it just keep trying one day it will just be love and live u life for u because of u no one else u are ur best friend too

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