How To Kiss Well: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Better Kisser

how to kiss well

How To: Open Mouth With Deep Tongue

If in doubt, consider deep tongue as something that should only come out in the most passionate of scenarios. It might be in your partner’s style, or it could naturally emerge during a heated goodbye kiss. But for the most part, people are more receptive and prone to the use of deep tongue when in more sexual contexts.

In many ways, this is an extension of all of the techniques from light tongue. There is still a rhythm and wave to it, but we’re allowing the tip to get a little freer, and fully enter the other person’s mouth.

You may require a little more head tilt to comfortably deep tongue. From light tongue, work into it over several waves, rather than jarringly jumping right to it. If you’re leading the kiss, you want to invite the person into it and sense their response. If you’re following, you want the chance to do so fluidly.

From light tongue, gradually introduce a little more intensity and depth over a few kisses. If you can feel their energy and tongue doing the same, you’re good to get wild. If not, you can back off a little and continue on with business as usual.

If you’re cleared for deep tongue, you’re probably about to intensify the use of your hands as well. They can move and squeeze with more passion, and around areas like the ass, chest, and groin (depending on the moment, your level of comfort with each other, and the stage of your relationship). This is where you might also close your fingers around their hair (if it’s long enough) and gently tug on handfuls.

All of these types of kissing are implemented in a few key styles of kissing. Think of the types as tools in a set that can be used.

Styles of Kissing

1. Sweet kissing

This might be the kiss you sneak in when you meet up, or step out of the restaurant. It has a cheeky, fun lightness to it. The sweet style of kiss communicates affection, using very minimal open mouth, and might have a variety of hand positions. You could go just lips, a hand on the cheek, or place both hands on either side of their face for extra sweetness effect.

2. Romantic kissing

This will likely be the style of choice for your first kiss with that special someone. The romantic kiss isn’t a passing connection, nor a full-on sexual romp. It’s somewhere in between. It begins “sweet” and moves toward passionate, but you’re not groping wildly. Most of the talking is still done with your mouth.

It pulls prolonged focus and intensity, feeling almost slow-motion, maintaining a touch of class. Think of most big movie kisses, where two people finally connect, the music reaches a crescendo, and the woman bends a knee to lift her foot off the ground. It’s also a great way to give (and get) a teasing sample of passion. You’ll taper on, stay a little restrained, then taper back off.

The standard romantic kiss would begin with the guy placing a hand either on her waist or side of her face, as an initiating move, with the other hand to follow in the opposite position. On her face, the best hand position is placing the thumb between her cheek and the front of her ear, with the other fingers along the side of the neck.

Start slow and savor the initial contact. It will usually begin with a slightly open mouth and no tongue. After a few seconds, introduce some light tongue and pay attention to the response. If it’s welcomed, then kiss like that for a few more seconds, before toning it down a little by switching back to no tongue. You might do this back-and-forth once or twice, before finishing with a few sweet-style kisses, and then grinning at each other like love drunk idiots.

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