How To Kiss Well: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Better Kisser

Kiss Well Being Better Kisser

2. Open Mouth

This is where we start swimming into open water. Once kissing is done with open mouths, things could go many different directions.

There are three different levels to the open mouth kiss, specifically with the amount of tongue used, and how intensely you use it. Each one might be used in a different context.

If you’re not well versed, here are some general pro tips for open mouth kissing:

  • Part your lips, but not too much. 

Unless you’re using deep tongue, your mouth never needs to open more than halfway. More often, it will be somewhere between 15% and 50% open.

  • Tilt your head, a little. 

To fit together for the best kiss, and to work around our noses, our mouths have to be tilted a bit in opposite directions to interlock. But you don’t want either of you to be kinking up your neck. The tilt should only be slight, less than an inch in either direction.

  • Slightly firm your lips.

You don’t want to make your lips fully solid or pursed. You also don’t want to do the opposite where they’re totally slack with no form. Pushing forward very slightly at the sides of your mouth turn your lips into delectable cushions, which feel fabulous to kiss on. If you do this at yourself in the mirror, it should look like you had some lip filler injections.

And you won’t be doing this the whole time, either. There’s a rhythm to it, of slightly opening and closing. As you open, the lips go loose, and as you close, they’re pushed forward slightly.

  • Use your hand(s). 

For both sensual and practical effect, you should definitely have at least one hand placed somewhere on them. It might be their waist, ribs, the side or back of the neck, etc. This helps press yourselves together, while adding a strong undertone of passion, connection, and pleasure.

  • Switch positions. 

If you’re making out, or kissing for 10 seconds or more, you’ll want to start considering changes in position. If your head is tilted to the right, and theirs to the left – switch. If your hands are placed lower down, bring one to their cheek. Fluctuate the intensity for a second, either less or more.

How To: Open Mouth With No Tongue

This is the style of kissing people do most frequently. It can range from a quick saucy kiss any time of day, or something more heavily done with passion.

You will basically take all the tips above and stitch them together. With your head slightly tilted, slightly firm your lips to make contact, before slowly beginning the pulsing rhythm.

The ideal mouth shape and movements is intuitive and very tough to describe. But the closest description would be how you would imitate a wolf’s howl, just without the sound. Try softly making the “Aahh-OOooo!” sound yourself, then repeat and mouth it slowly without making any noise. This is the basic mechanics of the open mouth kiss. Yup, it’s weird. But it works, you’ll see.

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At the same time, a very subtle waving rock of the head naturally comes into play. As you reach the “oo” shape with your mouth, and your lips press forward a bit, the chin swings forward ever so slightly in rhythm.

Also, remember to utilize your hands. These are a huge accent to kissing, especially as it gets more sensual. Depending on the length of the kiss, you might just have one hand on their cheek, or neck. Or you might bring the other one onto their waist, the back of their head, or both on either side of their ribs, etc.

As you read the other person’s mouth and body response, you can quickly tell how far open your mouths will go, and whether or not tongue will be introduced, and how much of it.

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