The 7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Stay Away From

types of toxic friends you should stay away from

What gives them away?

These people are not just toxic friends, but they are horrible people too who are always up to something shady and wrong, sometimes even at your expense. They will push you to take part in questionable activities and force you to try out things that make you feel uncomfortable.

For example, they will push you to drink more despite telling them that you are done; they will call you boring and uptight if you don’t listen to them, and after a point, you give in because you just want them to shut up. And the next day you wake up with a horrible hangover and find yourself puking your guts out. Or they will ask you to teepee someone’s house, just because it’s fun.

How can you deal with them?

There are no two ways about this – you need to stay away from people like this. Calling them a bad influence is an understatement, and mingling with them will only put you more at risk of falling into trouble. Focus on having friends who you can trust and who have a strong head on their shoulders, and stay away from people who have constantly shown you what a bad and dangerous influence they really are.

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Having friends is a blessing, but having toxic friends? Not so much. Just like toxic relationships, toxic friendships have the potential to hamper your mental health, happiness, self-esteem, and sense of trust. Be very careful when making friends, and keep your eyes and ears open for any red flags. If you come across people like these, make an about-turn, and go in a different direction. They are not worth your time and energy and don’t deserve to have a place in your life.

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The 7 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Stay Away From
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